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Your Choice for Custom Exhaust Hoods in Rancho Cordova, CA

Exhaust hoods are an essential part of many establishments. Finding the right exhaust hood company to work with can be quite difficult, however. Fortunately, Ventilation Technology is here to exceed all of your expectations for ventilation systems and exhaust hoods in Rancho Cordova, California.

Our commercial exhaust hoods are UL listed and patent pending. They are constructed from stainless steel type 304 in all exposed areas for maximum longevity and corrosion avoidance. You're sure to appreciate our laborsaving, affordable design. Contact us today to learn more about our ventilation technology.

Restaurants Count On Us for Custom Ventilation Fabrication in Rancho Cordova, CA


Commercial Exhaust Hoods in Rancho Cordova, CA


Custom Ventilation Technology in Rancho Cordova, CA

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Offering Durable, Efficient Exhaust Hoods

Vent hoods are a crucial part of any commercial kitchen. Having a commercial kitchen exhaust system capable of meeting your cooking demands is a huge part of ensuring your restaurant runs safely and efficiently. Best of all, we make it easy to get a high-quality fabrication that meets your unique service needs.

The type of range hood you’ll find in a commercial establishment differs greatly from those you might find in domestic kitchens. Many commercial kitchens experience much greater heat and vapor emissions. As a result, having a kitchen exhaust capable of moving these elements away from your kitchen and out of the building is crucial if you wish to maintain overall productivity.

Clear the Air With Our Ventilation Technology

Whether you’re a large-scale chain restaurant or an old-fashioned mom-and-pop shop in need exhaust hoods, our custom fabricating company has you covered. Our patented UL-listed stainless steel hoods are made with durability and efficiency in mind. Should you need over-the-range hoods or downdraft kitchen vents, we’re capable of crafting something that’s sure to meet your unique needs.

Thanks to our labor-saving designs, we’re capable of providing you with the custom exhaust hoods and kitchen ventilation units you need at competitive prices that you’ll love. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver ventilation technology that will continue to perform at an exceptional level. Put our passionate team members to work for you by placing an equipment order with us and enjoy smoother, more efficient operations down the line.

Rely on us for quality exhaust hoods.

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When working with any custom ventilation fabrication company, you want to be sure they have the expertise required to meet your particular needs. Experience is especially important when it comes to critical ventilation and kitchen exhaust systems. When you choose Ventilation Technology, we'll put our many, many years of experience to work for you every day. Our team is passionate about their work, and it shows in everything they do. Leveraging the extensive custom fabrication knowledge of CEO Ted Lambertson, we've designed an exhaust hood product that is sure to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today for more information about our custom exhaust system.

Contact our fabricating company for quality exhaust hoods. Based in Rancho Cordova, we proudly serve commercial restauranteurs throughout Northern California.


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